New Toy!

๐Ÿ‘†The my highlight of my day – My new stainless steel fry pan.

It’s been slightly over a year since I bought myself a new toy – the last time I felt this kind of excitement was when my May Lindstrom package arrived.

For the last decade I have been and still am using non-stick fry pans, simply because they are convenient and don’t require much oil. But they tend to warp or break down every 2 years.

I have used a stainless steel fry pan 12 years ago but I didn’t cook much back then, and can’t really remember or comment.

After much research, this SENSUELL 11 inch (28cm) Stainless Steel Fry Pan from IKEA appears to be the best value in terms of quality, style and effectiveness for someone venturing into stainless steel fry pans.

When venturing into something new, I typically do not choose the top of the line products. For example, my first blender was a Magic bullet, and after I started making more drinks like my celery drink, I upgraded to a Nutribullet, and after using it for years and replacing it once ever 2 years for 3 times…I finally got a Vitamix (10 year warranty)…by then it made sense the frequency and amount of stuff we blend.

So as a first timer – I think the SENSUELL makes sense for me to practice and build up my cooking skills using a stainless steel fry pan. If this works out for me, maybe I will slowly replace my non stick pans to stainless steel – we will see how this goes over this year!


  • About 2 to 3 times heavier than my 11 inch non stick fry pan. But not an issue.
  • Very heavy and sturdy pan!
  • Beautiul + minimalistic design.

Here’s how I intend to use my new fry pan going onward – after intensive research on getting best results with a stainless steel fry pan:

(In any case always read the instructions guide that come with your fry pan to be safe!)


  1. Gently wash with the nom abrasive sponge before first use. Wipe it down dry.
  2. Always make sure the fry pan is dry before step 3. Do not dry a wet pan over high heat.
  3. Place the fry pan over medium high heat for 2 mins or so.
  4. Do the mercury ball test: drop some water on the fry pan, and if you can see the water droplets roll around the pan like a mercury ball, then the fry pan is hot enough to use.
  5. Add a tsp of avocado oil or any high heat oil into the pan. Use a silicone brush to glaze/coat the heated pan.
  6. Turn the heat down to medium. And start cooking away!


  • The SENSUELL Fry Pan’s instructions booklet advises not to leave cooked food in the pan, as it might affect the surface of the cookware and take on the taste of the metal – for me I am just going to transfer cooked food to a serving dish instead of leaving the food on the pan until after we finish the meal.
  • After transferring the cooked food out of the fry pan, add some water immediately to soften any left over food particles, sauce etc – this will make washing alot easier and enjoyable.
  • Always allow the fry pan to cool down before washing. This helps the base to resume its original shape and prevents the base from becoming uneven with use.
  • Only use the non abrasive side of the soap sponge to wash the fry pan.
  • Don’t use steel wool or any thing that may scratch the surface of the pan.
  • After washing, wipe dry to prevent water marks.
  • Water marks may be removed by little white vinegar and warm water.

Oh yes, apparently the handles of stainless steel fry pans can get hot.

Alrighty! That’s what I will be doing with my new fry pan. Do you use a stainless steel fry pan? What is your experience like? Amy tips to share? Any good fry pans to recommend? Any bad fry pans to be cautious of? Any insights will be so much appreciated! Please do share by leaving a comment below.

Made Garlic Lemon Chicken & Huckleberry Blue Potatoes on my very first use of the
SENSUELL fry pan!
It even came with its own bag
when I picked it up from IKEA!

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