Best Unsweetened Oatmilk Review #video

An unsponsored comprehensive review on Suzie’s Oat, Oat Canada, Chobani Oat Plain and Califia Farms Oat Milk. Click on the above YouTube thumbnail to watch the review and find out the below:

  • What do they taste like?
  • Which ones taste closer to regular milk?
  • Which is the best tasting?
  • Which is the healthiest?
  • How do they perform as a non dairy creamer?
  • Do they froth?

If you live in Canada or the Greater Toronto Area, details are below. And I do not get any financial benefit if you purchase from these places.

SUZIE’S OAT BEVERAGE (~CAN$1.99 – $2.33 per 1L carton)
– Costco Canada*

OAT CANADA (~CAN$2.83 – $4.99 per 946mL carton)
Costco Canada*

CHOBANI OAT PLAIN (~CAN$2.99 per 946mL carton)
– Loblaws
– Provigo
– PC Express Online Grocery (Loblaws, Atlantic Superstore, Provigo)

CALIFIA FARMS OAT MILK (~CAN$5.99 – $7.99 per 1.4L bottle)
– Sobeys*
– Metro*
Voilà Online Grocery
– Pusateri’s Fine Foods
– Whole Foods Canada

*select locations

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