REVIEW: May Lindstrom Skin – SPENT $500! #naturalskincare

This blog post & video reviews The Blue Cocoon, The Problem Solver and The Pendulum Potion.

A year ago, my skin improved a lot – and while I am very satisfied with my current skin care favorites, I started looking for something luxurious to add to my skin care routine with the hopes of expediting my skin healing.

After much research, I fell in love with the May Lindstrom Skin Collection – and to those of you that don’t know, May Lindstrom is a top of the line, US-based, 100% natural organic skincare line – NOT A SPONSORED POST – I purchased all the products with my own money.

To provide some context:

  • My Skin Type: Very Sensitive, Dry, Reactive, Eczema-prone, Allergenic (suffered from topical steroid withdrawal in the past )
  • Previous Experience with Natural Skincare: Tend to cause allergic skin reactions and increase photosensitivity making my skin prone to sun rashes and gets easily irritated.

But despite my previous experience, I decided to give it a try and splurged on three of May Lindstrom’s products:

  1. THE BLUE COCOON, a beauty balm concentrate featuring blue tansy
  2. THE PROBLEM SOLVER, a warming correcting masque
  3. THE PENDULUM POTION, a complete cleansing oil

Watch the video above – to learn about my experience with these products after a year of purchasing them!


  • Samples to Try
    – Her products can be pricey at first sight, if you have sensitive skin, you may want to consider trying out a sample. Unfortunately, May Lindstrom’s website only provides samples when you make a purchase.
    – IF YOU LIVE IN LA, NYC or TORONTO: Pop by The Detox Market store which carries May Lindstrom’s products. You can try the products in the store, or sometimes you can ask if you could have a small sample to take home and try.
    – IF YOU LIVE IN THE USA: The Detox Market US website has a sample program where you could purchase 3 samples of your choice for a fee + shipping.
  • International Shipping – FREE?
    – If you purchase directly for the ML site, you can get free international shipping if you spend a minimum of USD$200 – BUT be prepared to pay your local taxes as the ML site will charge you your local taxes at the check out.
    – For example: if you live in a city with high consumer goods tax such as Toronto (13%) – you will be charged that 13% upfront upon check out.
  • They ship by DHL Express – so you will likely get the product next day or the day after (SUPER FAST)
  • They ship Delivered Duty Paid. So no unexpected duties or brokerage fees upon delivery.

Alright! That’s all I wanted to share – I still like the brand a lot. So please do let me know which products you have tried and what is your experience like with it. They recently released a new product called The Honey Mud. It is a version 2 of a highly successful product they discontinued. Perhaps when my skin is less sensitive in the future, I may consider trying it out.

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