Guard Your Peace

Woke up this morning and decided that I will not let anything ruin my day and peace.

Every day is like a new canvas waiting for you to do something with it. You have the freedom and control to determine what to do with this canvas, what goes or will not go on this canvas and what to draw on this canvas.

Inevitably, in today’s fast paced world, something unexpected may spill onto your canvas and “ruin it”. Whether it be an accident, intentional or ignorant act, it doesn’t matter.

Because I decided that I will choose to not let anything ruin my day.
I will select my battles carefully. I will guard my peace ruthlessly.

Making this conscious decision first thing in the morning has given the first layer of protection to my inner peace.

Perhaps something very unexpected and drastic may happen later, and I could be negatively affected.

But making this daily conscious decision is NOT ABOUT will power to ensure I will always be in a peaceful state – IT IS ABOUT me taking control of my day. It’s about me reminding myself that I have control. And in this step, it would prevent my plans for the day from getting side tracked by unforeseeable and unimportant negative events.

Life is filled with the unexpected – News, distractions, hiccups, fear mongering, people – even things that have nothing to do with you could disrupt your peace. We are living in an era where there is an overload of unnecessary information constantly pushed on to us.

If we are not careful in guarding our peace, these outside influences could seep into our thoughts , affect our mood/sleep, dragging us down, and eventually affect our lives.