Some close friendships naturally grow apart…and it’s ok!

At first glance, the title of this post may sound sad but from another perspective, it can be freeing and a relief.

Some friendships take time, energy and even money (think about all the birthday parties, weddings, baby showers…etc.) to maintain, so if it is coming to the point where there is nothing to talk about or if every interaction with the person drains you, and or demotivates you from the things you want/need to do – perhaps it may be a sign that one or both of you have out grown the friendship or that there may be hurts (or misunderstandings) that are too complex to be resolved.

There is no point forcing either party to change in order to maintain the friendship. No, I am not saying go “break off the friendship” – That serves no purpose, hurts people, and kills any hope of the friendship naturally forming again in the future.

If the friendship is getting too difficult, allow the friendship naturally grow apart – recognize that things have changed. Its common for close friends to grow apart when priorities have changed in either one or both of the parties’ lives.

The common interest that once brought two friends together, is no longer there, hence naturally the friendship will grow apart. There is no point forcing someone to stay the same (if you are the one that has not changed), or expecting someone to change with you (if you are the one that has changed).

It’s not easy to let go, especially if you have went through things together, or spent a lot of time together. There may be a grieving period – to grieve and reminisce the loss.

But the pain will pass, the grief will fade away – and what lies in front of you is an unobstructed road to live your life and pursue your dreams.

People come and go in life, it’s normal and its ok!

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