In Part 5 of my RECOVERED FROM TSW series, I share the 7th thing I did, kept doing and still do which helped me get out of TSW.

This 7th thing is: I stopped researching TSW-related content.

I stopped during my worst days of TSW and have not turned back since. It’s freeing!

During the earlier part of my TSW journey, I spent every available moment researching “TSW”. It came to a point if I were to google “TSW healing”, I would have already visited all the results on the first 20 pages.

Too much information!

I also muted and/or unfollowed TSW-related social media and exited TSW online forums.

What drove these decisions – was coming to a conclusion that: I think I know enough about what I’m experiencing with TSW in order to move forward into the unknown and chart out my own healing journey.

Everything else I was looking for online, were mainly driven by:

  • my extreme skin pain, and/or,
  • the fear of the unknown.

But a lot of TSW/eczema content online were fueling my skin pain or the fear of the unknown with:

  • contradictory information,
  • misinformation,
  • anxiety,
  • more fear, and,
  • sometimes a bait to lure you to pay to find out more.

It’s important to be aware of our mental state when TSW symptoms start to appear or worsen.

During the first one and a half years of my TSW journey, especially at the beginning, when the symptoms were starting to appear and my skin was drastically worsening, I was in a lot of shock and fear.

I was desperate to get better. I was vulnerable. When you are desperate and vulnerable, there will be people that will try to see if they can take advantage of that. So we have to be aware of our mental state and protect ourselves.

Hopefully, what I’m share in the above video (Part 5) may be helpful – Stay strong – keep your head up high. Your skin will heal!

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