Why Products Aren’t The Answer To Better Skin

As of March 2019,  searching the hashtag #skincare on Instagram, will reveal 36.9 million posts, bombarding you with thousands of skin care products, cosmetics and facial masks.

Why are skin care products so appealing, such that most of us instinctively turn to them first to resolve a skin problem or enhance our skin?

Skincare products are marketed to lure us into believing that using their creams, potions or pills will give us the skin we all hope to have.

A generic photo of skin care product bottles and tubes coloured in black. The author had included skin care marketing terms such as "Repair & Renew Toner - Helps trigger cellular to renew visibly stressed skin"

However, most experts in the field of skin care and dermatology will agree that products are not the only solution to better skin. Other important factors need to be considered as well.

These include:

  • sleep/rest
  • physical living environment
  • products that are currently in-use
  • side effects of medication/treatments
  • clothing type
  • lifestyle choices
  • stress & mental health
  • workplace environment
  • relationships & friendships
  • diet
  • genetics
  • hormones

So the next time our skin shows some improvement after the use of a product, we have to consider other factors that might be at play. It may be the new cream but it could be due to the elimination of a previous cream, or the relaxation effect of the way the new cream smells and feels, or even just a coincidence that a toxic person in our life went on vacation.

A year before my skin deteriorated to the point I was physically disabled, I was desperately searching outwardly for answers… creams, medical treatments, supplements, diets, etc. But only when I completely stopped working and went on medical leave and reflected introspectively, did my skin started began its journey towards healing.

I just wanted to share this insight I discovered during my healing journey to show how I came about my multifaceted perspective about skin healing. Creams do help, but sometimes, changing other variables in your lifestyle is required to truly start your healing journey.


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