feeling discouraged? ENCOURAGEMENT for those going through TOUGH TIMES #video


Beautiful, beautiful things take time.

Thoughts came to mind this morning when I was kneading baguette dough by hand for the first time.
The dough was wet, sticky & hard to handle.
I couldn’t see how it was going to work out. Throwing out the dough did cross my mind.

I was prepared for the dough to not work out. If it fails – that’s ok.
Despite what I saw, thought or felt…I continued to knead.

Time passed.

The dough started to slowly come together.

Gradually becoming smoother.

Wet, sticky and hard-to-handle baguette dough – versus after 30+ minutes of hand kneading.

THOUGHTS THAT CAME TO MIND that sparked this post & video:

Whether it be:

  • kneading dough by hand,
  • healing from TSW or a health condition,
  • developing your character, personal growth or relationships,
  • growing plants,
  • raising children, or
  • anything of importance to you…

Take your time. Think carefully. Do your best. Go at your own pace.


And on the day when you see a blimpse of that beauty which you once thought was impossible…

Because this type of joy & gratitude is derived from the difficult times when you may have considered giving up…or taking the easy way out – BUT CHOSE TO KEEP GOING.

The outcomes of the first time I attempted making french baguettes by hand. Lots of room for imporvement but so tasty!

From my perspective of a non-baker, bread making is a tedious and delicate process that can mess up at any point. Throughout the whole process I had no expectations for anything edible to come out of it.

From the point I saw the soft smooth dough emerged, it built my confidence to keep going in the unknown. I was appreciative and grateful of each step of the hand kneading journey. Even if it didn’t work out in the end, I was grateful for being able to get so far down the journey.

That quiet joy and gratitude that filled my heart when the smooth dough emerged that kept me going.

This is the same quiet joy and gratitude moment I experience when I look into the mirror each day and see my skin not plagued with the disfiguring and painful symptoms of TSW. The same quiet joy and gratitude moment I experience when I look at other imperfect but beautiful moments in my life which once didn’t seem possible at all.

This is a written version of my video post – if you found this post helpful in anyway – do consider watching the video version – I hope it will be a blessing to you.

Beautiful, beautiful things take time.

Hang in there – things will be sunny for you soon.