🤩Review: President’s Choice Raspberry & Yogurt Popcorn Bar

*not a sponsored post – I purchased everything with my own money.

Stumbled upon this new PC product – Raspberry & Yogurt Popcorn Bar. Was enticed at first sight because its like:

  • A white chocolate raspberry flavor except its yogurt not chocolate – sounds ‘healthy-ish’
  • Looks like a granola bar but NOT – it’s made of popcorn!

I couldn’t find its ingredients list online. So there it is:

ingredients and calorie information

TASTE TEST (initial reactions):


  • Tastes like white chocolate raspberry but not as sweet — a bonus
  • No guilty heavy after-feeling unlike a chocolate bar, fills me up like a Kit Kat bar but with half the calories + satisfies my cravings
  • I like the popcorn base a lot. It’s not crispy but chewy – and love the fact it doesn’t taste like a granola bar – granolar bars are too “healthy tasting”, despite the fact its loaded with sugars.
  • Unlike the chocolate bar effect, it doesn’t make me want to reach out for another bar after mindfully eating it.
  • Cost effective. Typically priced between CAN$2.79 to $3.98 for a box of 5 bars. Can go on sale for $1.99.


  • Not the cleanest ingredient list – added sugars + contains gluten & dairy.
  • May get tired of the flavor later.


  • While this is not necessarily considered “healthy” it is certainly a healthier, lower calorie option to satisfy chocolate cravings.
  • Not something I will eat on a regular basis but I have already repurchased another pack to leave it in my car to prepare myself for the days I feel like having a chocolate bar yet don’t want to feel overpowered with sweetness.


  • Yes – and already have!


Considering it? Or tried it out? Did you like it? What does it taste like to you? Do share in the comments below🙂

Unwrapped PC Raspberry Yogurt Popcorn Bar

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