Your Skin Will Heal

Only a year ago, I would be on my bed and under my comforter, feeling the pain and itch of all the cuts and wounds caused chronic scratching. In my discomfort, I would lock my two arms and use my phone to research: “topical steroid withdrawal”, “topical steroid withdrawal healing phases” and watch videos & read blogs of TSW sufferers.

In my darkness, I was searching for hope. I had put everything at stake to put my health recovery first. I had to go on an indefinite unpaid sick leave and went to the hospital twice a week for Narrowband UVB Phototherapy treatment. I also had psychotherapy sessions with a psychologist once a week.  I put in every effort to stick to an elimination diet and washed my bed sheets every day.

Yet at that time, it seemed like there was no end to this intense physical pain that cut through my soul.

I learned that healing isn’t linear. I had good days, but was totally immobile on others.

Today, I no longer need Phototherapy treatment or Psychotherapy sessions. I can’t say I am completely healed as I still feel prickly sensations & itching on my skin. In addition, if I’m not careful and slip into old habits, my chronic eczema can relapse over night.

But – compared to a year ago, 95% of the open wounds have healed and my skin has become stronger. I can manage the condition a lot better. I couldn’t imagine I would be at this state a year ago. #lifestylechanges

To all the eczema & TSW sufferers out there:  Your Skin WILL Heal.

All the research, experimenting, evaluation & re-evaluating you do for the hope of getting better will be worthwhile in the end.

Because, your skin has the ability to heal and it WILL heal. 

How are you feeling about your condition right now? Please feel free to share, and perhaps someone may be encouraged by what you say. 

The journey is a lot more bearable with warriors of the same goal. #eczemawarriors

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