My past with Dim Sum Restaurants

Made this today!

Home-made Chinese BBQ Pork

No recipe yet. Have been trying to make a healthier Chinese BBQ Pork – Char Siew from scratch with ingredients that is friendlier to me.⁣

Will share when I have perfected it. Anyone interested?⁣


I have a big fear of Chinese restaurant foods especially dim sum places, which tend to also sell BBQ Pork. Yes, I fear dim sum more than gluten, dairy and white sugar. ⁣
The last time I had dim sum was in 2017 – 3 years ago – during the last days of my “eat anything” life…shortly before I started looking into the eliminition diet.⁣


We had a family dim sum at a popular Chinese restaurant – and were there for 2 hours (not eating for 2 hours. Just that people wanted to keep talking). By the end of the 2 hours, I felt very uncomfortable, a skin irritation, tightness on my back…. Went to the rest room, and to my horror😱 – had hives all over my back. It was a horrible sight. It wasn’t eczema. It was a skin allergic reaction. That happened within 2 hours of this first meal of the day.⁣

I am not sure what it is but I have been very weary of that type of Chinese restaurants since as often their ingredients and condiments contain preservatives, coloring, addictives, MSG, shrimp paste…and more. ⁣

Personally I think such a reaction wasn’t because of a specific dish, but rather a whole stream of dishes containing mysterious ingredients and sub-ingredients which may have pushed histamine levels over board.

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